EMF Audio Ermagerd 18 Dual1

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Built to order by hand in the USA.  This model has been discontinued and replaced with a version 2. https://store-ur455.mybigcommerce.com/emf-audio-ermagerd-v2-18/

Continuous power: 6500 watts RMS
Peak power: Come at me bro!
4" voice coil
50mm xmax linear, one way
10.125" 6 layer spider

11 7/8" mounting depth.

Due to the extreme nature of this subwoofer and the lack of 18" basket design availability, the warranty does not cover basket breakage.  Any basket breakage can only be repaired with a new basket which will also require the purchase of a recone kit.  No exceptions.  To date, there have been no broken baskets, this is only a warning.


Re    1.68 ohms
Fs    26 hz
Qes    0.7251
Qms    4.9929
Qts    0.6332
Le    1.3769
Vas    84.2717 liters
Sensitivity 85 dB @ 1 w/m
Sensivitity 92 dB @ 2.83v

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