EMF Audio 'Merica 12k extreme amplifier prototype

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Power ratings
Continuous power output @14.4V Input
-RMS power, 4 ohms mono : 6,000W x 1CH
-RMS power, 2 ohms mono : 12,000W x 1CH
-RMS power, 1 ohms mono : 12,000W x 1CH
Signal to noise ratio : >100dB
Low pass frequency crossover : 30Hz~250Hz
Subsonic filter : 10Hz~70Hz
Bass boost : 0~12dB
Bass boost Frequency : 30Hz~90Hz
Phase shift control : 0~180 degree
Frequency response : 10Hz~250Hz (+/- 3dB)
T.H.D Continuous @ 4 ohm, 100Hz : <0.10%
Efficiency @ 4 ohm, 100Hz : 90%
Input sensitivity : 10V ~ 200mV (+/- 5%)
Dimensions (mm) : 289(W) x 155.6(H) x 600(L)
Operating Voltage : DC 10V~16V
Recommended Fuse rating : 1100A

The 'Merica is our biggest amp to date, using the highest quality components and power ratings from REAL tested results, not just hype numbers. Our Stacks On Stacks technology provides reliable power in a small package.

What is Stacks On Stacks technology? It's a simple technology, utilizing two power supplies and two output sections, where one section handles the positive polarity while the other section handles the negative polarity. The amp has 1 set (2 pair) of easy to wire 8 gauge outputs.* Why isn't Stacks on Stacks patented? The method of architecture used has proven stable and reliable for years, allowing us to provide the best possible product without jacking up the price to pay for patents or licensing.

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